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It’s really not a happening thang

December 8, 2008


I have been reading so many posts recently about the various social media tools that are out there that it is easy to forget that many people really aren’t using these tools yet.

Facebook? Yes. MySpace? Yes, if you are in your twenties and aren’t really fussed about a nice looking template. LinkedIn? Yes, especially if someone that you are competing against in the workforce has invited you. (Damn them for being more up-to-date than you!) But newer applications such as FriendFeed? Twitter? Not really, at least in this side of the world.

And before someone says that I’m not living in the real world, let it be said  that, as an expat, my friends are a pretty global mix – they live in the Philippines, India, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia and the UK.

When I joined FriendFeed, no one came up. None of my 600 odd contacts are listed there. Same as Twitter. And Shelfari. Only two friends have blogs.  Two have Flickr acccounts. No one is using RSS feeders.

Its just us easy adopters that are out here, reading, trying, learning, using.